Leon Canoe – ‘Shane’


Despite being from Poway, California, Leon Canoe are in the business of crafting some of the best soaring Britpop melodies this side of the ’60s, as evidenced by new track ‘Shane’.

‘Shane’ is the debut single from the US outfit and it is a ridiculously catchy. It is an alluring haze of shimmering indie-pop goodness dripping with melody, that given the right environment and time, it would be a dead cert to take its place on the dizzier echelons of the hit parade. Melodies build, vocals bounce and hooks, well hook, as the pace wanders upon a quickstep snappy beat until it all comes together formed on a rhythmic build to an energetic melodic climax. A charming, heartfelt and melodic masterclass in neat indie-pop goodness.

Tune into ‘Shane’ below now.


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