Introducing: The Pierce Project


The Pierce Project is a family affair. It is the result of three brothers – aged 15, 17 and 22 – with the intermittent assistance of their dad embracing a love of music steeped in the sounds of the 60’s and 70’s.

While their influences loom large on the horizon, The Pierce Project strive to blend this with a character of their own; resulting in beautifully crafted songs bound by a timeless charm and irresistible melodies, sweet harmonies and brimming with a sense of optimism – as evidenced by new singles ‘Time is Absurd’ and ‘Rolling Down the Stairs’. ‘Time is Absurd’ is a charming, catchy and gleaming piece of guitar-pop, dripping with melody and brimming with sweet harmonies, it glistens as it goes by with a placid and easy-going air. ‘Rolling Down the Stairs’ opens at a slower pace, it moves along a steady beat and stabs of keys with a doleful air. It is a much more melancholic, sombre and heartfelt piece of piano-pop affair but space is still found for there sweet harmonies and a slowburning guitar solo to see the song out. The Pierce Project’s music is beautiful, simplistic and craft with an obvious love, and sometimes that is quite enough.

Tune into ‘Time is Absurd’ and ‘Rolling Down the Stairs’ below and rumour has it, they are working on an album.

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