Swine Tax – ‘Conversation’


Newcastle-upon-Tyne, DIY trio Swine Tax have proven their credentials in the way of classic indie/alternative inspired sounds – their’s is probably best summed up as a bit indie, a bit alternative rock, a bit rough around the edges and a whole lot melodic.

Their latest single ‘Conversation’ – much like last year’s ‘Never Ending’ – is an irresistible combination of catchy melodies, bustling guitar, bubbling bass and pumped-up percussion, matching their trademark witty lyricism and all treated with a mild but warm layer fuzz. Lyrically we find soul-crushing small talk in the cross-hairs of the Geordie trio, as they take a tongue-in-check approach to forced awkward interactions – and with the festive season just behind us, everyone no doubt know that feeling. ‘Conversation’ is another raucous, bustling and brilliant blast of fuzz-filled alt-rock / indie greatness.

Tune in below:

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