Patchwork Guilt – ‘Dreamer, shimmer away’


Patchwork Guilt – the work of Bristolian songwriter Phoenix Mundy – has been winning hearts and turning heads with her enchanting bedroom-psych-pop sounds since 2014.

Now based in Manchester, following a stint in Liverpool, these late-night musical tinkerings have given rise to two albums (2014’s Punch Bowl and 2015’s Dreaming on the Internet) and three EPs and a new single ‘Dreamer, shimmer away’. A hazy, dreamy piece of intimate psych-pop with an ethereal quality, ‘Dreamer, shimmer away’ drifts along at its own languid pace amid a hushed, intimate and nocturnal vibe. A plinking piano twinkles through the layers of guitars, synths and undulating mellowness, as Mundy’s rich, smokey (and somewhat haunting) vocals make their mark with hypnotic effect. A pensive, introspective late-night jam that is resolutely laid-back and beautiful.

Listen to ‘Dreamer, shimmer away’ below – and if that is to your liking, there is plenty more where that came from here.

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