Little People – ‘Skies Turn Blue’


London-based producer Little People – aka Laurent Clerc – creates colourful sound collages; part beats, bleeps and samples that flow from a love of hip hop, and effortlessly combined with warm synths, intricate melodies and string arrangements.

We witnessed such wizardry on recent single ‘Tonight’ and with latest effort, ‘Skies Turn Blue’ he has repeated the trick. Radiating a cinematic, almost dream-like aura ‘Skies Turn Blue’ shuffles along Clerc’s signature melodic beatwork amid a myriad lush instrumentation; piano chords, subtle bells, haunting synths and glorious strings. The result is a beautiful, stylish disco-indebted tune which is given a final touch of gloss by vocals from Tif Lamson of GIVERS who croons intermittently, cascading over the instrumentals. Sublime.

‘Skies Turn Blue’ is lifted from Little People’s forthcoming new album Landloper, coming on January 11 2019, a first release since 2015, so keep an eye out for that come the new year.

For now, listen to ‘Skies Turn Blue’ below now:

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