Introducing: Seatbelts


Formed over a drunken phone call between friends James Madden and Ryan Murphy – known for their work as Hooton Tennis Club – seeking an alternate name for The Beatles, and while jumbling the letters around Seatbelts poured forth.

With a name sorted, the pair set about recruiting Abigail Woods and Alex Quinn to complete the foursome and together the craft supremely addictive, smart contagious guitar pop that sounds simultaneously familiar and excitingly fresh. Back in May, Seatbelts released sublime debut EP Songs For Vonnegut, lead by single ‘Hey, Hey Tiger!’. A sharp, surreal, smart debut filled by an irresistible combination of off kilter riffs bubbling electronics and squelching guitar effects.

The Liverpool outfit have returned with a new single ‘Content Crush’ to sign off on 2018 on a high. A charming, warm and contagious guitar pop song, dreamy, swaying melodies mingle with lush instrumentation, rich with brass, woodwind, keys, bubbling bass and hazy guitar. ‘Content Crush’ is a mellow, warm and feel-good rush that culminates with a swelling and memorable chorus. Not only is the tune a doozy but it offers a gentle but valuable reminder that at a time when cynicism is as rife as zero-hour contracts, and it seems our only solution is to dive back into our screens: it’s OK to switch off for a while.

‘Content Crush’ will appear on a forthcoming new EP called Please Slow Down, which Seatbelts are working on at the moment – although there is not release date yet.

Listen to ‘Hey, Hey Tiger!’ & ‘Content Crush’ below – and why don’t you check out their debut EP here?

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