Whettman Chelmets – ‘Alas…’


Whettman Chelmets is a Missouri-based producer with a preference for pensive, ambient and deeply atmospheric compositions.

Whettman Chelmets’ new single ‘Alas…’ – the latest lifted from the recently released EP Alas… The Sun is Shining, and You Are Still Alive – is an immersive, atmospheric and elegant and all-consuming track. A steady 4/4 beat pushes through a slowly building, all enveloping meditative vibe as the melodic interplay between the twinkling guitar chimes and glistening synth comes to the fore amid heavenly chanting and ebb and the flow of sound and emotion to create a mildly euphoric and uplifting swell. A blissful, enthralling and beautiful track.

Listen to ‘Alas…’ below & if you like that, you can fine the entire EP here.

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