Michael Thomas – ‘Reality’


Michael Thomas is an Australian-born artist based in London who explores folk-infused pop music.

Taking influence from the likes of The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Nick Drake and The National among others, Thomas blends these styles and influences, putting his own stamp on it to whisk something new. For his latest release ‘Reality’, a first under his own name, he is ably assisted by Jim Macrae (Jordan Rakei) on drums and Dan Bowery on bass as we are introduced to a world of slinky, washed-out psych-pop. It is a tantalising tune splashed with fuzzy guitar, warm synth, full of hooks and dreamy vocals, and dripping with melody. It is an overwhelmingly endearing, chic blend of truly beautiful textures and rich sounds and beautiful atmosphere, yet one tinged with an overwhelming sense of melancholy. This elegant backdrop proves a wonderful and perfectly suitable surrounding for the lilting croon to blossom and leave its indelible mark. If the subtle groove doesn’t get you, the irresistible hooks and melody will.

Listen to ‘Reality’ below now:

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