The Orielles – ‘Bobbi’s Second World’


Earlier this year Halifax trio The Orielles – Sidonie B and Esmé Dee Hand Halford and best friend Henry Carlyle Wade – released their debut album Silver Dollar Moment via Heavenly.

Their debut is a carefully crafted collection of songs, a distinctive amalgamation of uplifting and colouful sounds that sounds both familiar and fresh. Mixing it up between neon bright indie-disco, ’90s indie and swirling mid-60s psych/garage freak-outs, and their own unique oddness and idiosyncrasy to leave us with an exciting, eccentric and terrifically catchy album of pure indie-pop heaven.

Now, with the addition of fourth member Alex Stephens on keys, they’ve shared not-one-but-two brand new tracks. With the noticeable addition of keys, ‘Bobbi’s Second World’ sees an increased attention to an insatiable poppy danceablility. An infectious anthem filled with a buoyant energy and oozing with a colourful spirit and a heavy dose of funk. It grooves along with a swagger through funk-fuelled hooks and pulsating electrified cheeps and chirps, with Esmé’s syrupy-sweet vocals juxtaposed with the relentless, racing beats and swirling, psychedelic haze. The second track is a cover of Peggy Gou’s ‘It Makes You Forget (itgehane)’, a sparking re-imaging, filled with their trademark quirky charm and shimmering sonic delights.

You can listen to both tracks below and if you haven’t yet been acquainted with their debut album, Silver Dollar Moment is available here.

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