Hydromag – ‘P.J.R.’


Hydromag is primarily the work of Falmouth-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Josh Best-Shaw.

Having parted ways with his previous band he retreated to his bedroom to setup a recording studio, and began work on what he describes as “essentially a bedroom recording project”. The fruits of which were the Sweet Obsession EP and single ‘I Need to Know’ in 2017 and established his penchant for an alluring blend of dream pop and shoegaze.

Latest single ‘P.J.R.’, written in memory of a close relative who took their own life, subject matter aside, exists in a similarly dreamy space. A spacious, synth-sprinkled, elegant and chilled slice of delectable, ethereal dreamy pop. Gorgeous glistening guitars and lush synths shimmer through the enveloping ethereal haze as the steady beat tips away. While the dreamy guitar licks and synth have their charm, the true allure is the compelling beauty of the interchanging dual male-female vocal, the mellifluous cooing of the latter is irresistible. All in all, an elegant, exquisite and entrancing piece of shoegaze-infused dream-pop; magnificent!

Listen to ‘P.J.R.’ below; it is but one part of Hydromags’ forthcoming This Is Fleeting EP – expected in the new year.

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