Nicolas Kluzek – ‘Dublin 6’


Nicolas Kluzek is a Parisian born, Dublin-based artist and producer who’s sounds will, as we found out with previous single ’95to78′, delight – although not exclusively – the children of the night.

Kluzek’s preference and/or penchant is for flavours of a slower tempo, slumbering nocturnal electronic delicacies – as evidenced by the aforementioned previous single and new one, ‘Dublin 6’. Moving at a slumbering pace, it is a chilled and tranquil ode to his Irish home that gives on a reassuring aura of pure calm. Peaceful chimes mingle with flourishes of soft hip-hop beats, vocal samples, flute and washed out fiddle tune, ‘Dublin 6’ will leave you dreamily drifting in a state of blissful relaxation. Kluzek has served up yet another majestic track, one that washes over you with ease and leaves you all the better for making its acquaintance.

Listen to ‘Dublin 6’ below and if that is to your liking, there are more of that ilk right here.

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