Bels Lontano – ‘At the Horizon’


Bels Lontano AKA composer/producer Bret Bohman is an electronic music project from the US.

Taking his inspiration from a wide variety of musical and non-musical sources – love, anxiety, beats and ambience – the project explores concepts of liminal spaces, natural beauty, therapy and personal growth. A steady bass thump and crunchy beats carve a way through the ambient atmospheric soundscape and silky melody. Glistening strings mingle with glitchy sounds and a winding intensity as elegance co-exists with a foreboding sense of mild eeriness lurking in the background. A rich sonic creation, it finds a sweet spot between beauty and terror, and downtempo ambient sounds and chugging intensity of techno. Magnificent!

Listen to ‘At the Horizon’ below and it is but one facet of his forthcoming EP Kind Decade.

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