Mayfly – ‘Breathe’


London’s Mayfly conjures up deceptively sad magical electronic pop songs that captivate and transfix.

Debut track ‘Losing You’ was a breathtaking introduction to Mayfly’s abilities and returning with her stunning new single ‘Breathe’, confirms it was not a one off. Written, produced and performed by Mayfly, ‘Breathe’ moves cautiously forward, quivering along a minimalist melodic synth-line before unearthing a powerful inner strength summoning a rising tide of choppy synths and soaring textures, before steadily returning to a sea of calm. As dramatic and compelling as the music is, it is the space afforded in between which seals the deal and allowing for the stupendous vocals to breathe to mesmerise. Written in an attempt to portray the experience of living with anxiety and panic attacks on a daily basis, and finally overcoming them – it certainly does that and more.

An absolutely stunning and absorbing piece of electronic pop. Take a listen for yourself below.

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