Bad Sav – ‘Hens Teeth’


Bad Sav are New Zealand droning shoegaze noisemakers comprised of Death And The Maiden guitarist/vocalist Hope Robertson and bassist/vocalist Lucinda King, plus Shifting Sands’ Mike McLeod on drums.

The trio’s self-titled album was released toward the end of September and it is a bright, shimmering album right from the get go, as Bad Sav proceed to explore the worlds of ‘90s indie rock, shoegaze, psychedelic noise-rock and dream pop that is full of youthful yearning and glistening guitar lines. Their electrifying, sonic alchemy, bursting with colossal, majestic, melodic noise is conjured up no better than on new single ‘Hens Teeth’. A melodic guitar-heavy beast, it is propelled by a ferocious, surging energy and chugging rhythms, all cloaked in fuzz and distortion. While the whimsical and lethargic vocals are splattered with melancholy, the choruses are brimming with euphoria, and the huge hooks and crunching guitar horsepower seal the deal.

In case you were ever in any doubt, Bad Sav prove there’s still a thrill and a power in a trio playing guitar, bass and drums.

Tune into ‘Hens Teeth’ below and if that is to your liking, their self-titled album is available here.

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