Introducing: Sloan Peterson


Sloan Peterson aka Joe Jackson is an Australian singer-songwriter who has been making music in her native Sydney since the age of 16, but introduced herself under the Sloan Peterson moniker with a superb self-titled EP last summer.

Peterson’s sound and the EP is a modern love letter to ’50s guitar pop and garage rock, led by the super-infectious ‘105’. An addictive piece of perfect guitar-pop, ‘105’ is ushered forward through a mild haze of fuzz by shimmering synths, psych-infused pulse, irresistible riff and popping beat; with beautiful, faintly hazy vocals hovering above the bouncy, infectious and popping sounds beneath. One year on and Peterson is back with an equally tuneful new single ‘Our Love’. Less urgent, it takes its own time as Peterson pushes her flair for hazy pop into more dreamy, celestial realms.

Carefully dipped in psychedelic flavours, ‘Our Love’ moves along with a dreamlike aura as it tips along a tidy drum beat submerged in an entrancing sea of syrupy sweet melodies, shimmering guitars and swirls of lush, sun-drenched atmospherics with Peterson’s coolly delivered, reverb-laced vocals floating on top. A colourful, imaginative and entrancing slice of psych-pop perfection.

There a couple of choice cuts from Sloan Peterson below and if they are to your liking, there’s plenty more where that came from over here.

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