TV ME – ‘Circuit’


TV ME is a one-man creative/musical art project of Merseyside native Thomas McConnell, creating a cosmic confection of vibrant electro-pop.

TV ME’s latest single ‘Circuit’ – out via Newcastle indie label Kaleidoscope – is electro-pop perfection personified, illustrating what the project is all about. Fizzing with electricity, ‘Circuit’ shifts along a playful giddy, bouncy beat, navigating our way through a hypnotic adventure through synth pop, psych and electronica. It is an imaginative sensory overload of proggy tones, waves of psychedelic sounds, frazzled electronics and swirling synths which coalesce before gradually enveloping everything else in its wake. A spectacular sojourn on a spellbinding, interstellar and off-kilter excursion. Magnificent.

Listen to ‘Circuit’ below:

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