Grant Sycamore – ‘Why Oh Why’


Grant Sycamore is an artist and musician from Santa Cruz, CA who not only prides himself on a DIY approach but he is doing something rather unconventional and intriguing.

Later in the Autumn, Grant Sycamore is releasing a new album called Bigfoot Museum; an indie pop/hip hop concept album exploring a coming of age / horror movie inspired story – so that’s the unusual part. Our first insight into this intriguing project is ‘Why Oh Why’, representing the indie-pop facet.

The single oozes with a wonderful charm as it slinks its way casually into your psyche, in an almost slow-mo fashion. ‘Why Oh Why’ is an infectious delight dripping with melody and harmony, adorned with a swooning blend of truly beautiful textures which swell with rich sounds. Amid the meandering laid-back vibes there is an overarching sense of melancholy, no doubt amplified by Sycamore’s heart-strung vocal.

In short; ‘Why Oh Why’ is gorgeous bit of indie-pop – and this being only one half of the party, it is curious to wonder how the hip hop side of the coin will measure up. Whatever the case, this is a wee gem of a tune!

Tune into ‘Why Oh Why’ below:

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