Tender Glue – ‘Lights Out’


New York City-based folk singer-songwriter Tom Gluewicki, aka Tender Glue, is readying the release of his album Closet Leftovers, which arrives on September 28th.

Ahead of the forthcoming LP, Tender Glue has already teased it with wonderful ‘Rudy’ and with the release date closing in, he’s shared new single ‘Lights Out’. Similarly to the aforementioned single, ‘Lights Out’ is a sweet piece lo-fi dream-pop recorded in the closet of his apartment. It is a gentle, rich and heartfelt guitar-driven ballad of tender melancholy with a chiming guitar and tender vocal making there way through a dreamy, misty atmosphere which swells to consume all before it as Gluewicki voice strains to rise above it just as the swell subsides back to its mellow undulating origins. Another powerful, touching and beautiful song from the NYC artist.

Listen to Tender Glue‘s ‘Lights Out’ below and keep an eye out for album coming on September 28.

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