Introducing: Silica Angel


Silica Angel is the moniker of New York-based musician and producer Evan-Daniel Rose-González. Under this alias, we are spirited away on an electronic excursion to an unhinging subterranean world that while edgy, it is completely captivating.

Silica Angel’s latest single ‘Faustian Botany’ captures this chilling approach with perfection. Like entering some demented underground labyrinth, the overriding vibe is unnerving, unsettling and eerie. While both bizarre and jarring, it is utterly compelling as rich textures create dark atmospheres, emotion and a feeling of descending to subterranean world of the unknown, or ghoulish dystopian future. The b-side ‘Cicada Cartridge’ (feat. SadoSan) meanwhile, ups the ante all together. A sprawling 10-minute barrage of dark, subterranean noise, it harnesses the two pronged feverish approach of manic, bubbling percussion and demented vocal chants. The result is something even more unnerving and unsettling, yet somehow makes for even more compelling listening. Silica Angel’s music is discordant and strangely cinematic, and you won’y forget it in a hurry.

Tune into ‘Faustian Botany’ & ‘Cicada Cartridge’ (feat. SadoSan) below.

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