The Gooch Palms – ‘Marfa Lights’


Australian Los Angeles-based garage-pop duo The Gooch Palms – aka Kat Friend and Leroy Macqueen – do a wonderful line in ebullient, fuzzed-up and irresistibly catchy cuts of guitar-pop.

All these attributes are displayed in their finest form on their latest single ‘Marfa Lights’. Inspired by the pairs’ time spent driving through the Texan town of Marfa – a hotspot for UFO enthusiasts and renowned for its mysterious ‘Marfa Lights’ – it is a catchy, radiant and fuzz-filled delight. Ably assisted by a trusty drum machine beat, a fuzz-heavy riff rips through the track making space for a beautiful swooning melody, ear-pleasing vocals and irresistible chorus to melt your heart. An absolutely astonishing three minutes of fuzzed-up-feel-good pop goodness.

Listen to the incredibly catchy ‘Marfa Lights’ below:

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