Henry Chadwick – ‘Change’


California musician and songwriter Henry Chadwick has spent the summer drip feeding us charming and lovable singles ahead of his debut record, Marlin Fisher.

Ahead of his debut album’s release on August 31, 2018, Chadwick has shared a third single from the forthcoming record called ‘Change’. Broadly speaking Chadwick’s sound is ‘indie’ but it flits between genres and eras, with influences old and new (The Kinks, T. Rex, The Strokes, Courtney Barnett, etc.) while maintaining a sound all of his own – and as with previous single ‘Bag of Chips’, ‘Change’ certainly fits that mold.

Chadwick is once again exhibiting an expert talent for quality and thoroughly catchy songs. Underscored by a steadfast electronic drum beat, ‘Change’ is a warm feast of upbeat fuzz-filled fun. Crunchy guitars, catchy hooks are splashed together and coupled with an ear for melody, provide a perfect drop for Chadwick to let fly with the vocals. A superlative blend of mildly punchy, sweetly sung and irresistible fuzzy-pop; Chadwick’s modus operandi.

Listen to ‘Change’ below (previous single, ‘Bag of Chips’ is here too) and keep an eye out for the debut at the end of the month.

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