wwoman – ‘FOA’


wwoman is the moniker of Pittsburgh artist Gi Smee, whose project is self-described as ‘depression pop’.

Smee’s distillation of psych and pop, is anything but depressing. While smouldering with an undercurrent of melancholy, it is smarting a peppy, upbeat psych-pop vibe and hypnotic allure – of which latest single ‘FOA’ is a prime example of. ‘FOA’ swirls together a soft atmosphere with piercing fuzz, and there’s a palpable, frenzied energy steering us through a sea of lush synths. The quivering synths invite us into a dimly lit world of late night street lamps and mid winter fog while the  breathy vocal whisper in to the ears. This is a sublime synth-pop groover with bouncy neon-bright beats and hypnotic allure to capture your imagination.

Listen to ‘FOA’ below:


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