Galapaghost – ‘Jellyfish’


Galapaghost is the moniker of Austin-based musician and songwriter Casey Chandler.

He’s already got a considerable quantity of quality jams to his name and ahead of forthcoming new album Sootie, which is out on August 10, comes ‘Jellyfish’ – one of his finest songs to date. The slowly moving melodic undulation, the beams of light and the general aura of peace, calm and tranquility is utterly divine. Those hushed vocals, warm hum, chiming tones of brightness, gentle demeanour and general charm makes for a delightful three-and-a-half minute experience, and one brimming with positivity and warmth.

Get lost with your thoughts and cleanse your mind with ‘Jellyfish’ below. And don’t forget, the album is out on August 10.

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