The Compensators – ‘Love Drags’


Comprised of Curtis Strange (lead vocals/guitar), Chaz Mitchells (drums/backup vocals), Stevie Blunder (bass), and Kip Wicked (guitar), Brooklyn-based The Compensators appear to have an innate ability to find a sweet spot between pop and indie, splendidly well.

‘Love Drags’ is their debut release and as an opening introduction, it is a perfect exponent of the the eccentric four-piece’s aforementioned attributes. It bounces along with catchy twangy riffs, buoyant groove, an abundance of melodicism, pop appeal and super sing-along lyrics. That said, amid an undeniable flair for pop, there is an off-kilter peculiarity at play, providing an edge that zaps your attention. The Compensators showcase a brilliance for crafting an immaculate pop song, one with a unique, distinct pedigree and it is one of those tunes that embeds itself into your brain and refuses to leave.

Tune in below:

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