Melting Order – ‘Walk Slow’


Melting Order is an Italian artist and music producer based in Boston who’s elegant compositions don’t adhere to genre boxes, preferring to indulge his creativity in exploration of genres, sounds and cross-pollination.

Melting Order’s latest release is ‘Walk Slow’ – and it is a humdinger. Opening with some choice whirring noises and some choice beeps and boops. It is when the vocals enter the fray, ‘Walk Slow’ really begins to take its shape. Around the minute mark it sparkles, or perhaps flickers, into a bouncy, synth-led piece, while remaining decidedly mellow but swaggering along with dulcet vocals (a la King Krule) and psych-tones. An innovative and exquisitely crafted exploration that rewards again and again with repeated listens.

Check out ‘Walk Slow’ below!

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