Jouska – ‘Conversations’


Jouska is the Oslo-based musical duo consisting of Marit Othilie Thorvik and Hans Olav Settem.

So far the pair have impressed with a steady supply of intriguing and inventive singles as they explore some of the more untapped, out-there areas of electronica. Drawing our attention today is ‘Conversations’; the latest gem from their debut EP Frog Fiction. Jouska eke out a perfect balance between darkness and light. From the devil denouncing intro versus the angelic vocals. Snatched, distorted vocal and uneasy glitchy sounds conspire with heavy hitting, barrelling beats but tempered by a foray of lighter tones and heavenly vocals. This ability to balance often diametrically apposed elements marks their sound completely, similarly so does their inventive forging of the organic and synthetic elements. Jouska’s music is refreshingly inventive and exploratory, qualities matched in equal measure by superbly evocative artwork

Their debut EP Frog Fiction is out now. Tune into ‘Conversations’ below.

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