Introducing: Winter


Winter are an LA-based foursome who delight, excite and enthral with their shoegaze-meets-dream-pop sound.

Fronted by Brazilian born songwriter Samira Winter, who’s love for guitar music and nostalgic imagery inspires their dreamy cuts of pop perfection. Winter are set to release their forthcoming new album Ethereality on April 6 and judging by the singles ‘Zoey’ and ‘High School’, we may be in for quite a treat.

‘Zoey’ is blissful, beautiful, dream pop that washes over you with such an easy breeze that it is hard not to be utterly refreshed as a result. Opening with a mellow trickle and longing vocals it quickly expands, with burning guitars and steady beat engulfed in a sea of beautiful fuzz swelling to an epic climax in a quite cinematic fashion. ‘High School’ is less of a glistening daydream and more heartfelt, hazy indie-pop dripping in irresistible melodies and feelings of nostalgia. Two charming and beautifully crafted fuzzy indie-pop gems that should have you more than mildly excited about the prospect of more of the same.

Listen to ‘Zoey’ and ‘High School’ below – and keep an eye out for the new album on April 6.

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