Eva et Ménades – ‘Le brouillard de l’alcool’


Parisian duo Eva et Ménades do a fine line is creating great, compelling pop-rock – it is pop-rock with plenty of catchy hooks but with a raw menace to it.

The pair’s latest single ‘Le brouillard de l’alcool’ is a case in point, sounding both dangerous and irresistible catchy. The punky-rock-pop is a doozy with the primal assault led by a menacing buzzsaw riff, meaty bass, shuddering synths, screeching, glass shattering vocals – by the time the latter kicks in, resistance is futile. The formula of quiet building to epic proportions is eked out to the max and passing by at a whirlwind pace, leaving the listener struggling to catch a breathe. A compelling, full-blooded no nonsense sub three minutes of primal energy.

Watch the video for ‘Le brouillard de l’alcool’ below – and hopefully there’s more similarly brilliant belters to come in the near future.

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