Down The Middle – ‘Green Eyed’


‘Green Eyed’ is the energetic debut single by Sydney-based Indie outfit Down The Middle.

Their sound falls somewhere between classic 80s indie and post-punk, with an abundance of gritty guitars, driving drums and bass and soaring vocals. From the off, ‘Green Eyed’ does not waste time in giving you a notion of what Down The Middle do best. Racing along like a thoroughbred – this is one for those of you with a soft spot for pneumatic rhythm guitar jams. It’s a rocking, anthemic, catchy and damn infectious tune. In fact this all pretty straightforward; if you enjoy the sound of a rhythm guitar being played at a furious pace with the rhythm section in tight lockstep then ‘Green Eyed’ and Down The Middle are the right fit for you.

‘Green Eyed’ is below now for your listening pleasure and hopefully there’ll be a similarly sublime single following along rather soon too.

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