The Mooks – ‘Its Not Easy’


The Mooks are Toronto trio led by Mookie Morris on guitar and vocals, joined by Owen Norquay on bass and Luis Figueroa on drums who have a deceptively simple sound that make us swoon.

With varied influences ranging from Roy Orbison, The Zombies, Velvet Underground, Talking Heads and Modern Lovers, the Canadian trio appear to have figured out the deceptively simple, age-old secret to transcending influences: just write irresistible songs. Their latest single ‘Its Not Easy’, is all that. A tongue in cheek love song, reminiscent of sunnier days, tangled feelings and imbued with a casual, lackadaisical vibe combined with swooning melodies, scrappy rhythm sections and shimmering guitars. This jingle-jangle earworm will be whistling around your head for days – and leaving you all the better for it.

Listen to ‘Its Not Easy’ and the equally delightful debut single ‘Going Stead’ below.


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