Secret Vaccine – ‘I Know What You Did’


Hailing from one of Germany’s most beautiful cities, Köln or Cologne, Secret Vaccine are a foursome with a penchant for bright, bouncing and energetic indie flavours.

The quartet of Steffen Krämer (vocals/guitar), Martin Lucas (guitar/vocals), Alex Fabritius (drums), and Marcus Ditger (bass/vocals), evidence this predilection quite splendidly by ‘I Know What You Did’. It is four-plus minutes upbeat, energised and spiky indie. Drawing power from the trinity of relentless drums, rip-roaring riffs and emphatic vocals, the tempo builds, ramping up the intensity as the pinpoint vocal interchanges add to the feverish pace. ‘I Know What You Did’ passes like a whirlwind but instead of leaving a trail of devastation and destruction, you will be nodding along and hitting the repeat button.

You can listen to ‘I Know What You Did’ below & if it is to your liking, check out their debut album, SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE, which can be picked up on Bandcamp.

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