Idan Altman – ‘It all Works Out In The End’


Hailing from Maastricht, Netherlands, Idan Altman is a musician and producer with an ear for a winning sound.

Altman’s folkish wares lull the listener into a blissful state of hypnosis with lovingly crafted, expansive pieces of work. His latest offering, single ‘It all Works Out In The End’ is a case in point. It introduces itself, lightly bubbling away under undulating retro sounding electronics and gently plucked guitar, with a sense of melancholy permeating from the off before thawing with a more hopeful, optimistic tone. There is a real dreamy quality to these heartfelt ponderings and musical ruminating murmurings. A compelling, captivating and charming confection of unfeigned heart-strung emotion.

Check out ‘It all Works Out In The End’ below – it is magnificent!

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