YellowStraps – ‘Nights Up’


YellowStraps are the Belgian trio comprised of Yvan Murenzi, Alban Murenzi, and Raphael Starkier – together this holy trinity whisk together soul tinged alt-R&B with downtempo electro sensibilities.

For their newest release, single ‘Nights Up’, the trio have roped in the delectable vocal talents of Australian singer St. South – with beguiling results. Sculpted around dizzying synths, a click-clack rhythm, elegant and mildly euphoric piano and slowly shuffling bass, with a click-clack rhythm, ‘Nights Up’ trickles fluidly forward, paving the way for a sensual duet to unfold, amid the seductive groove and ethereal soundscape.

A powerful, captivating cut of electronic-infused soul music, moving at a slinky slo-mo pace, unhurriedly bringing a hazy vibe of nocturnal euphoria.

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