Victims of the New Math – ‘New Victorians’


Victims of the New Math are Phoenix duo – consisting of brothers Joe and Thomas Young – raised on a steady diet of late ’60s and early ’70s rock and pop.

Together, the sibling pairing deliver scrappy, rough-and-ready riff driven melodic rock with a raw edge, as they share stories of loss, loss of innocence, loss of love, loss of self and yet beneath it all, lies glimmers of hope. ‘New Victorians’ is the title track from their debut album and it nails it as an introduction to their scrappy, rough-around-the-edges sensibility. It is a warm, punchy and melodic jangle of off-kilter, psych that mixes it between sounds synonymous with early ’70s rock and ’90s garage-rock, full of raw energy and flat-slapping percussion. It’s an absolutely infectious treat and it should have you reaching straight for the play button again and again – a great name for a band too!

Listen to lead track ‘New Victorians’ below & if that is to your liking, check out their new LP, The New Victorians here.

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