Grey Watson – ‘Radical Passenger’


Grey Watson is a Seoul-based musician, originally from Birmingham Al, who among many things, has quite a way with gorgeous psych-tinged pop ballads.

Watson’s latest single, ‘Radical Passenger’ is a perfect example of this, and depicts the wonderful charm in which his music is oozing with. It is a charming delight dripping with melody and harmony, adorned with a swooning blend of truly beautiful textures and rich sounds, creating an atmosphere of beauty and tranquillity, yet one tinged with an overwhelming sense of melancholy. Expansive by its very make up, it swells, building to a crescendo in the latter third that climaxes with a scintillating, slow-mo guitar solo. In short; ‘Radical Passenger’ is gorgeous psych-pop perfection personified – and the video is pretty damn slick too.

Watson is currently putting the finishing touches to a new album, due at some stage in 2018 – a case of watch this space.

Check out ‘Radical Passenger’ & the video below now, it does not disappoint.

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