Super Extra Bonus Party Return with Scintillating New Single ‘Switzerland’


Super Extra Bonus Party are a band that will always have a special place in my heart. Not only was their music the soundtrack to a lot of great times, SEBP gigs were always superb, thrilling and often chaotic, and the source of fun times and great memories.

Add to that, they were one of a few Irish bands who did things their own way, not playing the game (whatever the game is) and experimenting without any pretentious bullshit. Needless to say, it was more than a mild disappointment when SEBP parked the project, announcing an indefinite hiatus seven long years ago.

Oh, and in case you’ve missed it, Super Extra Bonus Party have called time on their break with their new single ‘Switzerland’ – and it is a sensational return. It’s not a million miles away from where they left off their criminally underrated second album from 2009, Night Horses. Embracing SEBP’s characteristic strength of live instrumentation meets electronics, it is propelled by a powerful, hypnotic pulsing synth and metronomic beat, injected with meaty guitars, an intense drum machine work-out and all manner of electronic wizardry. ‘Switzerland’ is instilled with an energy that feels electric as it charges forth to a cataclysmic wall of sound. Opting in favour of keeping vocal duties in-house with Gavin Elsted & Stephen Fahey is a revelation too – sublime!

SEBP were always one’s for pushing things, experimenting and avoiding the obvious, safe path. The same can be said for ‘Switzerland’, and I think you’ll agree when I say, it’s great to have them back.

You can get yourself acquainted with ‘Switzerland’ below & the single is out now on 045 Recordings.

Earlier in the week, the band at down with with Headstuff to discuss their feelings about everything that had gone before, read it here – it’s definitely worth some of your time.

Touts – ‘Bomb Scare’


Derry punks TOUTS were the finest new discovery at HWCH last year, scintillating at Electric Picnic this year and their debut EP Sickening and Deplorable, was exhilarating.

The Maiden City trio are about to release their new EP LIT and ahead of its entering the world we’ve got latest single ‘Bomb Scare’ to contend with. ‘Bomb Scare’ is an intense first preview of what to expect, and continues to build on the ’70s punk sound they’ve rather nicely cultivated thus far. An absolute punk rock stormer, this is a three-minute rattle through ’70s-channeling punk with a furious and thrilling high energy. Despite its rawness and filled with an undeniable anger, ‘Bomb Scare’ manages to maintain a certain level of fun and undoubtedly danceable. Outstanding on record and scintillating live, Touts are one of the most impressive acts on this Island right now – and if you get a chance to catch them live, do it!

Touts’ second EP LIT is out now via Hometown Records. The four track EP includes the lead single ‘Bomb Scare’, which you can sample below:

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B O K E H – ‘Great Heights’


B O K E H is the artistic alter-ego of Berlin-based, New Zealand-raised actress/musician Chloë Lewer who is proving quite a master for rather wonderful and spiritually sprinkled 80s inspired electro-pop.

‘Great Heights’ is the third single to be released from B O K E H’s debut EP, Don’t Leave The Fire. It is an intimate and emotionally charged cut of cosmic electro-pop crafted around a dreamy beat and eerie but powerfully emotive vocals. Intimate and sincere, Lewer’s vocals score the epic in a dreamy and illuminating world of colourful, 80s indebted electro-pop. There is beauty, there is pain and there is loss – all painted vividly by a colourful, powerful and stunning performance.

You can sample the stunning delights of ‘Great Heights’ below. If that’s to your liking, B O K E H’s debut EP is here in its entirety.

Weaver – ‘Boxes’


‘Boxes’ is the latest single from Swedish artist Weaver – aka Johan Weber – the first in a series of tunes earmarked for release before the dawn of the new year.

Formed in 2012, Weber has two EPs under the Weaver moniker and has built a solid rep for folklore stepping, steel guitar wielding Americana in his native Sweden. A supremely infectious, upbeat burst of Americana-tinged indie-pop, ‘Boxes’ skips along melodic keys, an array of chugging guitars and experimental endeavours, as Weber’s commanding (almost theatrical) vocal tone brings to mind a certain David Byrne quality; standout component among standout components, in a compelling, captivating and creative sounds. Accompanying the single is an extraordinarily brilliant Video. Made in conjunction with artist Johan Ejerblom – and jointly under the name ‘Silver N’ Silk’ – it took 14 months to create (far longer than the original 3 months they gave themselves), painstakingly recreating a Swedish city using recycled materials, to tell an incredible story. A sublime single, matched in every respect by the equally stunning video. Bravo!

You can sample ‘Boxes’ and it’s sublime visual companion below – both do not disappoint!

NASAYA – ‘Milk (ft. Myra)’


Born and raised in Reunion Island – next to Madagascar – French musician and producer, NASAYA (aka Theo Hoarau) makes electronic music bursting with ideas, invention and vitality.

that blends influences from a broad range of influences from Jamie xx, Tame Impala, Flume and Michael Jackson to Jimi Hendrix, Supertramp and Chick Corea. These influences evidently run wild on NASAYA’s genre-hopping, musical splicing-and-dicing latest single ‘Milk (ft. Myra)’. It is a colourful, imaginative tune that shuffles over some slick beats with a slinky, super-cool bounce before a blend of glitchy 8/16bit era computer game sounds reveal themselves, adding another dimension to this warped, yet beautiful sound collage. The final touch of class for ‘Milk’? Well, that is an honour reserved for guest vocalist Myra’s irresistible and mellifluous cooing. A sublime, super-colourful introduction to an artist that we hopefully hear plenty more from in the future.

Do your ears a solid and listen to ‘Milk (ft. Myra)’ below.

HART – ‘Mantra’

artist profiles

HART is a UK-based producer shrouded in mystery and mystique.

Described as an eclectic musical oddball, a dream cloud sweeper, anime come real life and galaxy music decoder from the futures past… little else in the way of information is forthcoming.

What’s lacking in background information is more than made up for by the sheer spectacular brilliance of new single, ‘Mantra’. ‘Mantra’ is a dreamy, cosmic concoction that flutters gracefully in an elegant space between subtly euphoric and vaguely ambient. Fusing euphoric and electronic progression of melodies with nostalgic samples, we are utterly captivated through repeated propulsive beats and swirls, sustained rhythm and tender-hook promise of a euphoric climax – and protracted moments of twinkling crystalline grandeur. ‘Mantra’ is magnificent and transfixing with its crisp frosty elegance that takes you through time and space with an ease and breeze. A hypnotic and chilled sound collage.

You can enjoy ‘Mantra’ below (and enjoy it you will). The Reflective EP is out now, tune in here.

CLAWS AI – ‘It’s Never Enough’


CLAWS AI is a US producer who’s music fuses flavours from downtempo and deep house, to pop and proggy elements.

In doing so, he manages to blur the line between downtempo electronica, spacey pop and prog with an exquisite, sophisticated and lush sound. The latest offering from CLAWS AI is ‘It’s Never Enough’, and it ticks all those boxes.

Sounding like it was beamed directly from the cosmos, this is a wonderful piece of spaced-out and lush electronic-pop with soft-psych flourishes and transfixing vocals, that leave an indelible mark on the soul. Combining cosmic sounds and textures with infectious beat, luscious melody and blissed-out synths and production it pops along, creating something hypnotic as it gently builds until a warm rapture envelopes you and everything else around you. It is all topped off by echoey, dream-evoking vocals, which lend a further chilled and atmospheric ingredient. This is an enchanting, effortlessly smooth soul soothing sound; you’ll be all the better for letting it into you life.

Listen to ‘It’s Never Enough’ below – and there’s plenty more where that came from, here.

Louiza – ‘Leash On A Tiger’


Having introduced herself with ‘Party Trick’, Oakland artist, LOUIZA is back with her single, ‘Leash On A Tiger’.

The new track marks LOUIZA’s – aka West Coast multi-instrumentalist Rebecca Mimiaga – latest lifted from her just released debut LP. A fuzzed-up, scuzzy cut of indie-pop, ‘Leash On A Tiger’ shifts along a skittering, jittery and stop-start pace fuelled by a full blooded organ and percussion, while LOUIZA’s vocal range and abilities seal the deal; as she shifts through the gears with what feels like a remarkable ease. A super catchy song with a powerful infectiousness.

Check out ‘Leash On A Tiger’ below & Louiza’s debut LP Party Trick is out now, listen to it in full here.

Introducing: Irascible Fuck Brigade


Formed earlier in 2017 by one angry Englishman and his machines, Irascible Fuck Brigade are hard to forget; partially due to their rather tasty handle but also because of the ferocity and caustic nature of their electro-punk sound.

While lyrics rage at societies increasing structural inequality and seething anger is never far away from exploding, the music differs in texture and intensity, sliding between punk, rock and electronic. Irascible Fuck Brigade don’t create music which is easy on the ear, rather it reflects a genuine anger and frustration (and a backlash against), proclaiming a defiant message of protest that takes no shit. Take recent singles ‘Slash The Fucking Seats’ & ‘Chocolate Box’, both feisty, ferocious and angry, they chop and change between styles but the instrumentation is intense, releasing the pent up energy like a coiled up spring, whilst the impassioned and flurried lyrics implore the listener to smash the chains. Blistering, righteous and caustic; Irascible Fuck Brigade leave a hell of an impression.

Listen to ‘Slash The Fucking Seats’, ‘Chocolate Box’ & ‘Conservative Dad’ below:

Oddnesse – ‘I Used To’


Beginning life as a studio collaboration between musician Rebeca Arango and producer Grey Goon, Oddnesse is the shared a vision for infectious beautiful music with a dark, heavy groove from two east-coast expats based in Los Angeles.

Oddnesse introduced themselves to us with hypnotic, mellow and colourful single ‘Are You Down’, and the pair are back with another beguiling beauty in the shape of ‘I Used To’. It is a dreamy slice of indie-pop inspired by Utah, White Snake, and Broken Social Scene. ‘I Used To’ is utterly gorgeous. Opening with a slow-burning organ hum, terrific low-key guitar work and heart-strung rhythms, all overwhelmingly imbued with emotion. But it is with the arrival of Arango’s voice that seals the deal, leaving you powerless and awestruck. Sensationally lush and warm, her vocals will cause a simultaneous feeling of melancholic heartache and hopeful optimism. Oddnesse have a real knack for lush, warm sounds, comprised of intricate, layered grooves with catchy melodies and dreamy vocals to top of the hazy dreaminess.

Based on what we’ve heard so far – ‘Are You Down’ & ‘I Used To’ – what’s next for Oddnesse is definitely worth keeping an eye out for.

Listen to ‘I Used To’ below – it is quite simply superb.