The Magic Es – ‘How Do You Sleep?’


Norwich-based trio The Magic Es have set themselves an enviable quest, to create “original rock ‘n’ roll reminiscent of a time when guitar pop dominated the charts and the terraces”.

It may be too early to evaluate their progress and likelihood for successfully turning musical tides and winning over the masses to there cause, they have quite a knack for upbeat bursts of melodic, infectious indie that sticks like glue.The trio’s latest single ‘How Do You Sleep’ sets out their raison d’etre over a scintillating four-minutes. ‘How Do You Sleep’ is a guitar heavy, riff-filled indie rocker bursting with melody and vitality; with nods to ’60s pop, britpop and classic rock. Catchy, melodic and bursting with an obvious love of playing music; ‘How Do You Sleep’ just great and you know what, sometimes that is quite enough.

You can listen to ‘How Do You Sleep’ below:

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