Passed Out – ‘Bukowski & Brautigan’


What can you do in one minute and 18 seconds? You can’t adequately boil an egg. If you smoke, you can probably hoover a sneaky one but a far more worthy while and healthy option is listening to ‘Bukowski & Brautigan’; the latest single from Buffalo, NY-based pop punk outfit Passed Out.

‘Bukowski & Brautigan’ packs a lot into 1:18. A ferocious, defiant, swaggering, riff-laden and catchy-as-hell, cohesive ball of punk rock force with a power-pop touch, ‘Bukouski & Brautigan’ is full to the gills with wailing guitars and screeching vocals on top of a twitchy, fast and furious drums.The new single is lifted from their forthcoming EP, The Aforementioned and How it Pertains to Absolutely Nothing.

Take a listen to the single below, guaranteed to be the best one minute and 18 seconds of your day, and check out more of Passed Out here.

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