Sophisticated Dingo – ‘Head Talk’


Sophisticated Dingo – easily one of the most memorable names you’re likely to hear – are a pair of garage-rock lovers from Melbourne.

The duo of drummer James ‘Jimmy’ Medley and singer-guitarist Lewis ‘Lew’ Matte, have released a brand new video for latest and fiercely infectious single ‘Head Talk’. This four-minute blast of anthemic grunge-tinged garage-rock is propelled forward by the one-two punch of energetic overdriven guitar chords, crunchy riffs and pounding drums. The song’s verses are filled with charming backing vocals which explodes into thumping and catchy sing-a-long choruses, before ‘Head Talk’s’ anthemic breakdown leads into an epic, noisy and exhilarating finale. Great name, great band & great single!

Check out ‘Head Talk’ and previous single, ‘Witch Love’ below. They are both ace!

Astro B – ‘Welcome to the Astro-B’


Astro-B have been a mainstay on the Tokyo gig circuit since the late ’90s and have been cranking out high-energy electro-punk for quite sometime now.

Astro-B – Judo Man (guitar) Kiyomi Ebisawa (lead vocals), Jesus Horie San (drums), Professor Sam (keyboards), Ninja Hide (SFX) and Lama (percussion and backing vocals) – have unleashed a spectacular new single called ‘Welcome to the Astro-B’. It’s a furious fireball mix of power-pop, powerful vocals, thumping techno beats, screeching guitar riffs, computer game SFX and an insane amount of unrelenting energy – unconventional yes, but that just makes it all the more memorable and downright ace! Now, Astro-B have been doing this sort of thing since ’99 and they’ve even brought their unconventional manga style live sets to the UK in 2001 and 2005 yet this is our first encounter. Better late than never and I for one, am better for it.

Do yourself a favour and behold eccentric brilliance of ‘Welcome to the Astro-B’ below:

Introducing: Castle Pines


While their name brings to mind a North American shopping mall or uppity housing development, Castle Pines are in fact an alt-indie-rock foursome.

Comprised of Leandro Barrientos (Guitar & Vox), Sterling Fairfield (Drums), Jesse Briseno (Bass) & Ricky Garvey (Guitar), the Corona, CA quartet excel with mature songwriting and heartfelt indie-rock that pays homage to the sounds it is born from, but remains very current and in the present. They’re gearing up to release their second record soon and offered us some inciting tasters ahead of time. As its name alludes, ‘1996’ is a nostalgic ode of sorts, a melancholic throwback to youth and growing up. Its a highly melodic and emotive alt-rock anthem, shifting through a calm and re-collective subtleness to a loud and yearning outro. A contrast of chaos and calm, especially the snarling vocals around the halfway mark, and toward the end. ‘Stone Wall’ rockin’, rollin’ and stompin’ swamp rock indebted doozy, that bubbles and fizzes with vitality as wails above.

Check out ‘1996’ & ‘Stone Wall’ below – two decidedly exciting jams:

Something for the Weekend: New Music Playlist #22


A new regular feature to blog, a relatively short weekly Spotify playlist featuring some of the finest new music to prick my ears over the course of past seven days.

Clocking in at just over an hour, it’s an easily digestible slice of new music, just in time for the weekend. There’s a nice mix of genres and styles too, allowing me to share even more crackin’ tunes. Well, without further ado, here’s #22 – Something for the Weekend: New Music Playlist. Enjoy the tunes & enjoy the weekend! You can follow me on Spotify here.