Johnny Kills – ‘My Shirt Guy Is High’


Johnny Kills set out their stall with infectious scuzz-fest debut single, ‘Let’s Talk About Me’, and the Brighton/London-based garage-surf trio have returned with a new fuzzed-up delight called ‘My Shirt Guy Is High’.

A three-minute adventure of fuzzy and fun-filled blast of scuzzy, sweetly melodic garagey, noise-pop. The mildly distorted vocals and cooing harmonies go hand-in-hand with the crunchy guitar riffs and rhythmic drumming – and the addition of the organ (and the organ work) is a revelation! There is an irresistible alchemy at work here. What makes Johhny Kills ear-pleasing racket is they eek out a sweet spot between scuzz and pop; as fine an execution as your likely to ever hear to be fair. The next tune from these guys cannot come quick enough – thus far they have proven themselves to be quite the treasure.

For now though, get yourself acquainted with ‘My Shirt Guy Is High’ below.

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