Priyya – ‘Constant’


Priyya, otherwise known as Priyanka Lamichhane, is a Nepal born and USA raised singer/songwriter/musician who has been has been serving engaging & atmospheric slices of electronica of late.

Inspired by her mother, who was also a classical Nepalese singer, Priyya’s latest single ‘Constant’ is the finest yet as she explores her family history. Projecting a ghostly, haunting aura, it blends an array of styles – electronica, folk & R&B vibes – to create a mesmerising cut of folk-tinged electronica that sweep us away to an otherworldly locale. Priyya’s hypnotic, transfixing and stunning vocal, delivered in both English and Nepalese, is the icing on the cake. A unique voice and talent, and one to keep an eye on for sure.

Listen to the beautiful, ghostly & otherworldly ‘Constant’ below:

Drinker – ‘Sinking / Feeling’


LA / NY psych-pop pairing Drinker have just this month released their debut Happy Accident EP and ‘Sinking / Feeling’ is the latest track to be lifted from it.

Comprised of two former members of NYC outfits Isadora (Aaron Mendelsohn) and Stone Cold Fox (Ariel Loh), ‘Sinking / Feeling’ offers a perfect summary of the talents. It’s a slow-burning, gentle undulating jam imbued by a sense of yearning and melancholic vibe. A mournful melody and murmuring vocals serve as the lifeblood of the song, which floats as if soundtracking a hazy, half-memory until introducing flares of synth, slices of acoustic guitar and twinkling piano. These little flourishes help develop the atmosphere further before culminating in a surprisingly frenetic, climactic swirl.

The Happy Accident EP is out now via Dollar Slice Records. Listen to ‘Sinking / Feeling’ below.

Ephrata – ‘Odds’


Seattle’s Ephrata have been purveyors of dreamy, indie-pop since their formation in 2012.

With a selection of singles and EPs to their name, the band will self-release their self-titled debut record on September 22. Ahead of the record, they’ve shared their new single ‘Odds’ – and oh my, it’s a special one! ‘Odds’ is a bright, upbeat guitar-pop jangle – all glimmering guitars, bubbly bassline, warm, swimming melodies, serene vocal harmonies – so infectious it is destined to be stuck in your head for days. It is a jangle-tastic piece of breezy guitar-pop with mellifluous cooing, to-die-for harmonies making for beguiling, buoyant and infectious two-and-a-half minutes of joy.

Ephrata are Skadi Von Reis Crooks (guitar/vocals), Brady Hall (guitar/vocals), Jules Jones (bass/vocals) and Ben Bromage (drums/vocals), tune into them below.

Introducing: Fresco Future


Fresco Future are an indie-foursome hailing from the musical wonderland that is Newbridge, Co Kildare.

The quartet specialise in a blend of classic ‘indie’ with touches of early ’80s post-punk, fastened with flourishes of jangley guitars, swift, driving rhythms and basslines and hushed vocal delivery. Recorded with Padraig McCauley (P Affection & Disconcerting P) their debut double a-side Morning Mourning / Maybe Ellie sets out their stall in ear-pleasing fashion. ‘Morning Mourning’ is pure ‘ear-candy’; this is melodic, jangley indie with a lo-fi asthetic that purrs with a lovingly applied warmth and lightly-coated in fuzz. It gets inside your head and refuses leave, such is its insatiably catchy nature. ‘Maybe Ellie’ is a bit more rocking but no-less infectious or melodious. A fine opening introduction from the latest in a long and rich line of talented musicians to emerge from Newbridge.

You can listen to Morning Mourning / Maybe Ellie below or grab it for keeps, here.

Anna of the North – ‘Money’


Norwegian-New Zealand electro-pop duo Anna of the North will release their debut LP Lovers on September 8.

Ahead of the forthcoming record the pair – Norwegian vocalist Anna Lotterud & New Zealand producer Brady Daniell-Smith – have been drip-feeding samplers in the shape of stellar synth-pop singles; the latest of which is ‘Money’. The latest single is a sublime slice of glacial, crystalline electro-pop with warm edges, honey-sweet pop vibes, eking out a sweet spot for synth-pop ballads with all the futuristic bells and whistles. A refreshing and uplifting blend of retro synth-driven melodies given an irresistible finish by the Lotterud’s alluring airy vocal. Simply sublime, and as with the rest of the LP, ‘Money’ was recorded in Oslo and mixed by Luke Smith (Foals, Depeche Mode).

Check out ‘Money’ below now & the album will follow on September 8.

Oddnesse – ‘Are You Down’


Oddnesse began life as a studio collaboration between musician Rebeca Arango and producer Grey Goon.

The two east-coast expats had arrived independently in Los Angeles but both shared a vision for infectious beautiful music with a dark, heavy groove and Oddnesse was born – and thankfully so. With the hypnotic, mellow and colourful latest single ‘Are You Down’, Oddnesse casts a beguiling and chilling spell. Laced with slowburning riffs, laden with reverb, propulsive beats and spectral atmospherics, sun soaked melody and spiked with Arango’s mellifluous, chilling cooing – the track is an uplifting and stunning dream pop song. Time to tune in and drift away in this blissful colourful groove.

Listen to ‘Are You Down’ below – it is simply superb.

Something for the Weekend: New Music Playlist #21


A new regular feature to blog, a relatively short weekly Spotify playlist featuring some of the finest new music to prick my ears over the course of past seven days.

Clocking in at just over an hour, it’s an easily digestible slice of new music, just in time for the weekend. There’s a nice mix of genres and styles too, allowing me to share even more crackin’ tunes. Well, without further ado, here’s #21 – Something for the Weekend: New Music Playlist. Enjoy the tunes & enjoy the weekend!

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Nocturnal Tapes – ‘Wake Up’


Aussie electro-indie duo Nocturnal Tapes are prepping the release of their maiden EP ‘Visions IV’ (due August 25), ahead of which, are offering up a taste of the forthcoming record with dancefloor-ready new single ‘Wake Up’.

It’s a hypnotic and danceable track awash with swelling sonic synths, lush textures, throbbing bass, pulsing electro beats and enchanting vocals. ‘Wake Up’ is an irresistible, intricately woven slice of house-infused electronica, falling somewhere between LCD Soundsystem, Talking Heads and more recent Tame Impala output. Good company to be named alongside no doubt, but it’s not without merit. ‘Wake Up’ is stunning introduction to Nocturnal Tapes (and their forthcoming EP too). Pulsing big beats, swelling synth and colourful sounds, what more can you ask for?

Listen to the colourful, neon-lit electro that is ‘Wake Up’ below:

Mercyfox – ‘Dead White Doves’


Mercyfox is an electro-indie duo – Christoffer Hein and Dragut Lugalzagos – from Copenhagen, Denmark.

The pair began working together in the summer of 2016, concocting uptempo “dance-punk and pop-trash” and thus Mercyfox was born. Their latest single is ‘Dead White Doves’, and it’s oozing with danceable rhythms, direct-synths, twisted guitars and topped off exquisitely by relentless soaring vocals. ‘Dead White Doves’ is a tune and one that grabs a hold of you and doesn’t let go, with it’s irresistible groove and dancey rhythms. A formidable introduction to a pairing that should have fans of The Jesus and Mary Chain, Primal Scream & LCD Soundsystem salivating at the prospect of yet more to come.

Get acquainted with ‘Dead White Doves’ below.

Organised Scum – ‘Consultants of Swing’


London based duo Organised Scum – Tom Duggins (Vocals / Guitar) and Sean Canty (Drums / Keys) – are plotting the release of their debut EP, The Rare Gift of Healing next month.

The pair have made their name thus far for peddling melodic, Britpop indebted indie, none more so than their previous single ‘The Rare Gift of Healing’ and debut EP (released in December 2016). ‘Consultants Of Swing’ treads a similar path to its predecessors and in doing so, is one of those tunes that embeds itself into your brain and refuses to leave. ‘Consultants Of Swing’ grooves along with a radiant aura; as guitar, bass, drums and vocals are all glazed with mild dusting of fuzz. A delectable slice of buoyant indie/alternative indebted to Blur, Simple Kid & XTC. Not only is ‘Consultants Of Swing’ a aural delight but it is a wonderfully titled single too.

You can tune into ‘Consultants Of Swing’ below. Yet another marvellous single from the London trio.