Johnny Kills – ‘Let’s Talk About Me’


‘Let’s Talk About Me’ is the debut single from Brighton/London/York based garage-surf trio, Johnny Kills.

Now, by debut, just to be clear; this is their first ‘official’ release; the trio of noisemakers have already stolen hearts and minds with a series of tasty demos. With ‘Let’s Talk About Me’ they build on said promise, delivering a completely and utterly infectious hybrid of racey garage rock meets the early britpop stylings of Blur. Fuzzed-up and powerful riffs dance with unforgettable sing-along choruses, infused with a joyous melodies, pop sensibility and hooks you can hang your hat on. Undeniably brilliant and irresistible guitar pop with just the right amount of scuzz and fuzz to zap the sweetness of the pop. Just listen to the “la la la la la” of the chorus and you will be powerless to resist the persuasive prowess of this new single.

‘Let’s Talk About Me’ is out now, ignore it below at your miserable peril.

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