Danny Starr – ‘Hello 2063’


Danny Starr is an 18-year-old singer, songwriter and musician based in London.

Starr has been slowly but steadily get himself a rep for exquisite song-craft and his brand new single ‘Hello 2063’, will do little to dispel this notion. Recorded and produced in his bedroom, such is the decidedly heart-strung swooning balladry of this new single, it is easy to forget that he is only 18 years old.

Set in the future, it is a fantasy tale of what is to become of the human race by 2063. A beautiful song – musically and lyrically – ‘Hello 2063’ is powerful and emotive, with a melancholic and lamentable feel. It is as though we are privy to the the last days of a declining world, a world falling apart at the seams. Wistful and ponderous, we can take solace in his warm vocals, gentle strum and bouts of mild orchestral flourishes. Starr’s rounded brogue endeavours to raise his lyrics to pride of place – emblematic of the song’s stirring, sentimental, if slightly melancholic journey to our world’s future. Powerful and compelling, this is some damn fine work from an artist to look for in future.

You can listen to ‘Hello 2063’ below – if you like this, keep your eyes peeled as there is an EP rumoured to be around the corner.

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