Introducing: Kingdom of Birds


Kingdom of Birds are a Canadian four-piece with a serious love for the last two decades of indie & alternative rock.

Their songs extensively name-check Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood and Broken Social Scene, paying homage indie bands and artists from the past 20 years. To date, the foursome have released two albums, with a new released earlier this year. And here is the startling part; all of this, and Ása, Brighid & Zeul are 14 years of age and Sam is 9 years old. For fear of sounding remarkably condescending, the depth of confidence, talent, conviction and execution far surpasses their ages. ‘Rain Song’ is a smoky, slow burner with haunting vocals and instrumentation so full of atmosphere and emotion, it’s very hard not be moved by it. ‘Keep Trying’ is equally as stirring, albeit with an altogether more grungey, raspy energy. Two mightily impressive shots across the bow, this Canadian foursome surely have a bright future.

There are a couple of choice cuts below but you can also listen to their Keep Trying EP here.

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