Millions Like Us Podcast #21


Hello! We’re back (again) with another delightful mix of music and chat that is, Millions Like Us Podcast, Episode #21.

First off, apologies for the delay with this one but it was entirely out of our control. Some technical mumbo-jumbo put a spanner in the works but we (and by that I mean Stevie, poor sod) finally pulled it together after a lot of hard graft. Some sound issues remain but hopefully it doesn’t hamper the listening experience any more than usual. ūüėČ

Anyway, back to the Pod. For Episode #21 we РJustin, Barry & Stephen Рbrave some dodgy internet connections, technological misadventures and timezone challenges, to bring you a bumper 90 minutes plus of music chat and an eclectic, hand-picked selection of superb new tunes.

Thanks for¬†your patience¬†with us with this one, we really appreciate it. We’ve all got the thinking caps on to figure out a more efficient way of doing this so once again, thanks for baring with us and we hope you enjoy Pod #21!

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Millions Like Us Podcast #21

01 Dama Scout¬†– ‘Forget It’s Good’
02 Games Violet¬†– ‘LYAD’
03 Jons¬†¬†– ‘So Slow’
04 R.Seiliog¬†– ‘Cloddio Unterdach’
05 Eoin Dolan¬†– ‘Comfort In The Sound of Tomorrow’
06 Hannah Georgas¬†– ‘Don’t Go’ (Mesa Luna¬†Remix)
07 Mr Huw¬†– ‘Gwendidau’
08 Chelsea Grimm¬†– ‘From Above’
09 Bonobo¬†– ‘Kerala’
10 Our Krypton Son¬†– ‘Everything Reminds Me Of You
11 Whenyoung¬†– ‘Actor’
12 Jinx Lennon¬†– ‘Cough Medicine’ Feat. Sophie Coyle
13 Swim Team¬†– ‘Red’
14 Mr. Stee¬†–¬†‘Flying’

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