Introducing: Psychic Love


Psychic Love are LA-based woozy indie merchants who, spearheaded by Laura Peters along with Max Harrison (guitar) and Liam McCormack (bass) released their debut LP The Hive Mind last month.

The album is rather impressive. Its bewitching allure emanating from a resplendent ebbing and flowing through moody, spectral dramatics and woozy lackadaisical jangle; a motif played out perfectly on new single ‘Dye Pack’. It is woozy and dreamy yet dramatic and brooding as jangling guitar chords are filtered through reverb and mild distortion. An anthemic hook and propulsive drumming pair up to provide a surging optimism, while Peters’ sultry vocals bristles with nostalgia and melancholy. Psychic Love’s moody, laid-back indie stylings shimmer, swagger and swoon in equal measure. A spectacular intro to a band that will improve your day, immensely.

You can check out ‘Dye Pack’ below – see also ‘Red Sun’ & ‘Pink Parlor’ – and Psychic Love’s debut album The Hive Mind is out now, stream it here.

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