Organised Scum – ‘The Rare Gift of Healing’


London based duo Organised Scum – Tom Duggins (Vocals / Guitar) and Sean Canty (Drums / Keys) – are plotting the release of their debut EP, The Rare Gift of Healing next month.

The pair have made their name thus far for peddling melodic, Britpop indebted indie, none more so than their previous single ‘Insane Making Behaviour’. Ahead of the release of their debut EP, the pair have shared latest single and title-track, ‘The Rare Gift of Healing’. It is a rare gift indeed and with it, they bring all the laid-back, lounge-y vibes. Plying repetitive riffs, chilled vocals and simile inducing and choruses, Organised Scum brew an earwormy, gentle, woozy and ruminative cut of alt-pop. Breezy, blissful and brilliant, this is one to kick back and relax with – and if the EP matches this standard we are in for a treat.

Organised Scum will release their debut EP on 2nd December. For the time being, you can get acquainted with the title-track – ‘The Rare Gift of Healing’ and some other choice cuts – below.

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