Half Man Half Biscuit to Release Rarities Compilation ‘And Some Fell On Stony Ground’


For over 30 years Half Man Half Biscuit, their lo-fi, post-punk/indie stylings and satirical, sardonic and sometimes surreal, observations, ramblings and creations from frontman Nigel Blackwell have consistently proven to be brilliant, unique and essential.

Like any HMHB fan, a new release from four lads who shook the Wirral is something to be celebrated and cherished. On November 4 (or October 21st – depending in who you believe it is Nov 4th) HMHB will add to their impressive collection of thirteen albums and numerous EPs with And Some Fell On Stony Ground; a collection of hard-to-find tracks only previously available on long-deleted releases. While new material would be preferable – bringing together some much-loved non-album material from long-deleted releases as it does – it is a very welcome addition. Compiled of tracks from the band’s four EPs, a B-side and a track contributed to a charity record, it includes classics such as ‘Bob Wilson – Anchorman’, ‘Tending The Wrong Grave For 23 Years’ and ‘Vatican Broadside’. Hopefully we’ll not be waiting for new material for long, but And Some Fell On Stony Ground is a very welcome addition nonetheless.

More details here and the album will be available from Probe Plus Records.

‘And Some Fell On Stony Ground’ tracklist:

01. Jarg Armani
02. Tending The Wrong Grave For 23 Years
03. It Makes The Room Look Bigger
04. On Finding The Studio Banjo
05. Blood On The Quad
06. I Went To A Wedding
07. Ecclesiastical Perks
08. Lock Up Your Mountain Bikes
09. Eno Collaboration
10. Get Kramer
11. Hair Like Brian May Blues
12. Ordinary To Enschede
13. David wainwright’s Feet
14. Bob Wilson – Anchorman
15. Worried Man Blues
16. On Passing Lilac Urine
17. New York Skiffle
18. Lark Descending
19. Vatican Broadside

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