Introducing: Kinship


Kinship is the moniker of Vancouver based producer Thom Klob.

Since 2014, Klob’s sound has been exploring elements of UK garage, house and more left-field electronica, with a strong focus on manipulated vocal snippets and bright melodies. And how. Having recently teamed up with Vancouver collective ‘El Cheapo’, Kinship released ‘Skinhead’ a stellar intro, and one that’ll surely get you moving. ‘Skinhead’ builds from a fanfare opening with layered fuzzed out electronics, backed by a pulsating beats and other pin-point percussives, brought together with vocal samples. Take Kinship’s brand new single, ‘Eh’ too, it is a dusty sounding house tune, incorporating all the aforementioned attributes, with a swooning, irresistible groove and plenty of bounce. This is spectacularly good, just like ‘Skinhead’. Now, we could continue with me waxing lyrical but hey, your own ears are the best judge here. So, sit back, relax and prepare for some magic.

You can sample some choice sounds from Kinship below, you will not be disappointed.

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