Hannah Lou Clark – ‘It’s Your Love’


‘It’s Your Love’ is the exhilarating new single from London’s Hannah Lou Clark, the first lifted from her It’s Your Love EP.

Due for release April 22nd on her own label Quatre Femmes, the record was crafted while undertaking extensive touring in support of her debut EP Silent Type. Giving a fresh perspective on things, she toyed with new ideas and interesting sounds and textures, and the results are impressive. Title track, ‘It’s Your Love’ is urgent and tense, and ultimately catchy, bright and a cracker. Smothered by the roughness of the chugging guitars and propelled by kicking retro drum machine loops, these combine with Hannah Lou Clark’s angelic vocals to concoct a perfect rock-pop recipe. With nods to ’90s US guitar-pop, this is a catchy ditty as spring begins to reveal itself. A prime cut of unbridled brilliance from an artist in full command of her powers and knowing, seemingly, how and when you unleash them to full effect.

Check out ‘It’s Your Love’ below. The full EP is out on April 22nd.

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